The Truth Is Out There



Steer clear of pressure situations …recognise the signs.

  • Develop strategies for responding to pressure… “I have plans for the future” “I’ll wait” “I have the right to change my mind”
  • Be assertive when saying NO… Be firm when communicating and your body language must also be showing the same thing. Remember you don’t need to give reasons.
  • Close friends are for talking together. Share your feelings with your friends and especially with your date – you will gain greater respect for each other.
  • Recognise your “comfort zone”. What’s making you uncomfortable … what is your “gut feeling” telling you?
  • Seek out friends who feel the same as you do. Support each other when the pressure is on.
  • Alcohol and drugs cloud your judgement, affect your decision making and can mess up your life.
  • Look for positive things in yourself and go with these. Put your energy into making the best of “YOU”. This will make you feel good about yourself … and then you’ll make good decisions.
  • Talk to someone like your parents or other adults you trust if you are having trouble making a decision about something. Sometimes friends don’t have all the information.
  • Don’t believe the “safe sex” message. No contraceptive is 100% effective. Condoms have a failure rate of 15% – 35%.
  • Pills, Spermicides, IUDs and Diaphragms can fail and have side effects.
  • Self control means you’re IN CONTROL.

Value yourself as the important person you are – believe in your ability to make good decisions about your life.

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