Thinking About Sex

Thinking about sex … the big picture

Everywhere you look sex is used to sell stuff, from cars to toothpaste. Magazines push a certain look – sexy clothes, pouting lips (for girls), muscly torso (for guys) and more.

Surprise, surprise – the magazine advertisers are also trying to get you to buy clothes, makeup, shoes, accessories and hair products. Pornography sites sell sex related images to hook you into buying more of their products. Television ads and billboards use sexy models to attract you to buying their stuff. Starting to see a pattern here?

So do you think sex is about selling stuff, or is it more important than that? Frankly, advertisers don’t care about you. They just want your money. Most ads portray the human body as not worthy of respect or dignity. Think about it before you ‘buy’ their attitudes to the human body and what should be a special part of human relating.

As you move through your adolescent years you’ll be faced with making decisions about sex. You need to think carefully about how you regard the human body, what you want out of life and your relationships long term. Making poor decisions based on media messages about sex can lead you into life time regrets.

Your sexuality is not just related to your physical self. It’s about all of who you are as a person, male or female. Get correct information and support from a trusted adult when you need to talk things through.

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