Stressing Out?

Sometimes our everyday anxiety, depression or anger can go beyond their useful function.


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An example of this is when we try to relieve the uncomfortable feeling, but no action we take works. Sometimes this happens when our uncomfortable feelings:

  • are irrational
  • prevent us from taking any action
  • are so intense as to be overwhelming

When this happens we need to find a trusted adult to talk to. Not everyone is able to help with every problem so keep trying until you get the right help. It’s a good idea to develop a Support Network of five trusted adults whom you can turn to for different types of problems. These may include family members, a favourite teacher, the school counsellor or a good neighbour.

  • Do you often feel like crying?
  • Worry about losing it?
  • Think nobody cares?
  • Or get blind, do drugs?
  • Pig out, starve?
    Use sex to feel OK?


These are signs of too much stress.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Tough times aren’t forever. YOU can turn things around.

  • Acknowledge you feel bad
  • Slow down and think
  • Decide how things could be better
  • Tell someone you can trust. Friends are great, but for bigger problems talk to an adult.
  • Feeling better might mean writing down your thoughts or ringing someone.



Other Trusted Adults


School Counsellors

Open Doors