In Your Dreams… or is it?

More than ever before, you are faced with many choices about which you need to make decisions. So you will really need to know what you’re on about.

You’ve got lots going for you! You are well informed on issues, more aware of what’s going on and importantly you are not afraid to speak up for yourself.

So what does all this mean?

You can make decisions that are good for you and you can resist things like drugs, alcohol and early sex.

VALUE yourself as the IMPORTANT person you are and BELIEVE in yourself.

It’s a good feeling to be in control of your life.

Many young people are choosing not to have sex.

  • I want to be free to experience lots of friendships.
  • I don’t want the complications that come with sexual relationships.
  • The statistics on STDs really scare me.
  • Who wants to get pregnant at my age?
  • I don’t feel ready for it yet.
  • I’m worth waiting for.
  • Some of my friends have been betrayed and rejected; that’s not for me!
  • I don’t want our friendship to change; I like the way it is.
  • It’s not worth the risk!
  • When I choose to have sex, I want it to be with one person for life.
  • I can’t make that decision until I know who I want to be and where I’m going.

NO will become easier to say the more you know yourself.

Why do some young adults end up having sex?

  • I don’t want to hurt his/her feelings
  • I don’t want to lose my boyfriend/girlfriend
  • To get back at my parents
  • I felt pressured … I don’t know how to say NO
  • I want to feel loved
  • I felt lonely
  • Curiosity …. to find out what it’s like
  • To feel the same
  • To be seen as grown up
  • It’s expected of me
  • I had too much to drink
  • I can’t remember what happened
  • To belong and to be popular

Don’t be too hard on yourself about things you wish you hadn’t done. Remember the past is past, but you can CHANGE THE FUTURE.

Make a decision about when to have sex rather than drifting into it. Don’t let drugs and alcohol decide for you. Your emotional state can influence your decisions.

Did you know?

  • The media, who loves you least, tells you the most about sex.
  • Males and females approach relationships in a different way … guys are aroused with what they see, girls with how they feel.
  • Having thoughts and feelings about sex is different to doing it.
  • Adolescence is a perfect age to talk about where sex fits into your life.
  • There are different ways of being close.
  • Most people your age are not having sex.
  • Sex can blur your judgement.
  • A good relationship takes time to develop.
  • If someone really cares for you, they will not put pressure on you.
  • You CAN say NO.
  • Sexuality is about the total you – ALL of who you are.