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On this site you can find info and advice about puberty, growing up, relationships, sex and making healthy decisions. 4teenz wants you to enjoy being a teenager and stay safe! Adolescence is a journey towards adulthood. Choose travelling companions who will help you, not hold you back. Set your goals. Go well.


Your Body

From the moment you began inside your mother, your body has been growing and changing and it won’t stop changing until the day you die.
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Thinking About Sex

Everywhere you look sex is used to sell stuff, from cars to toothpaste. Magazines push a certain look – sexy clothes, pouting lips (for girls)
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Thinking About Relationships

“I’d rather talk to my cricket bat than a girl!” said one 13 year old guy. Fair enough. But in a few short years he’ll probably feel very differently.
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Featured Articles

  • Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes

    Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes

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    What Makes A Good Relationship?

    Are you in a relationship and not sure if it’s a positive move? What sort of relationship would you like to be in? Take the test! Does your partner listen to you?  Read more
  • Breaking Up

    Breaking Up

    Suddenly everything seems to have changed: listening to certain songs is different to before, and hearing the phone ring doesn’t mean the same.  Read more